Weekend-end trauma 

Hello friends

So I’m thinking this will be a short little post.  Yo.

This is regarding good times and the sort of hangover that follows. Based on my felt experience. So here’s the juice. 

I had an amazing weekend! And… now I feel like quitting this roadtrip. Haha. Seriously I just caught myself imagining if I could just jump in my car and drive ALL the way home. Be done. 

But hold up, I think I may be jumping the gun a little.

So my weekend. Good times. Got to hang out at a ski resort with a friend.  Great vibes everywhere. Chilling. A great outdoor concert. Jesse Loper puts on an amazing show! And beyond. Following that I had the pleasure of seeing the Gungor band. And again,  wow! Amazing show. Michael and Lisa Gungor have sick performance skills. Oh and I got to meet some awesome new people! ūüôā 

So there it is. Take me home. (Just kidding I don’t have a home.) And that’s OK.  If you know the feeling, give me a shout. 

And always remember you’re not alone.

Cheers, love and peace -brad

Crazy in Kamloops

Wow. So I’m in Kamloops! So another, mini post today.

‚ÄčThe radical make crazy demands and fall on their faces, but (sometimes) are celebrated. The complacent do their jobs, and slip through the cracks. (Sometimes). Resentful. 

So is it healthier to be content or to spike up and down? Cheers

Love and peace


That’s Thursday¬†

Shorty for Thursday.

We tend to bow at the feet of “the rich”, “the holy”, the “put together”. Thinking that’s where true full life is. But no. Real life is simply being yourself. Rest there. And live.

Ok time for me to resume my journey. Will you?

Love and peace


Wednesday winner wondering

Life is tough. True, but don’t go around feeling sorry for yourself, that only hurts you. Feel sorry for the perpetrator of the trouble. And help them. You don’t know what they’ve been through. Let it go. Listen.

You don’t need a bigger sense that things are heading in the right direction, live as if they are. Baby steps.

After doing your duty, you don’t wait around expecting glowing gratitude. You’ve just done what you were there to do. Don’t, however, be ashamed to freely express gratitude!  Shower it down for every little gift.

Do you find yourself running around? Constantly thinking you’re missing that perfect moment?  Stop. It’s not somewhere “out there.” It’s right here. Breath. 

When working toward your goals don’t expect them to just come walking up. You’ll have to push through some discomfort first.  Don’t give in to shortcuts. Go all in. Then boom, it’ll be done.

If you can’t let go of your tiny current perspective of your life. You’ll miss out. Give it up, if you wanna see a bigger better reality. Out with the old, in with new. Embrace that. Put on that shirt.

Always love and peace -brad 

Tuesday twiddles

Hello. And welcome back. To today’s issue.

So. Number 1. Embrace an outcast.  Those of us who have felt some degree of isolation or discomfort are, in my opinion, generally more available to listen. To learn.  To understand.  Because we get it. A little. So hug an alien.

Secondly. “How you do anything, is how you do everything.” Remember that.  Your little limps lead to large leaps. 

And then there’s this question.  Are you engaging in the energies of creating outcasts? Are you snickering at “those” suckers?  Please don’t.  (Remember, tomorrow it may be you.)

And lastly! Remember to do everything with all you’ve got. Do it for it. Enjoy the journey. Breathe it in.

Yeah! OK bye

Always love and peace, -brad

Blue Monday eh?

Hello. It’s Monday.  Is it blue? 

So first of all (second I guess), I’m slowly realizing that I expect every person who’s ideologue differs, to any degree, from my own will at some point find it important to grab my opinion and rip it to shreds! I know, I know,  that’s pretty dramatic.  And frankly not true.  I mean the sensation is. But my lived experience is that people, in general (if they have the time and energy), would like to understand. Will I live like this is true? Will you open yourself up to the incoming call of the unknown other?

Thirdly (or 2nd), we all dreaming of doing something? Don’t we. Imagine what we could do, if only we could. I’d only we were “allowed” to. Well maybe you are.  Maybe it’s more about your pre-pret then your ability. Maybe love is calling you forward, rather then mere containment.  Don’t just go for good.  Go for GRRReat! (You get it? The tiger guy? Haha ok cool bye)

And always, love and peace


Happy weekend!

Good day and Happy Weekend! 

Today I have only two quick points and I’ll leave you to your weekend,

#1. Nike says “Just Do It.” I’m not so sure. Sure, there are moments where this can seem to be the best option. (And may be.) However often this mentality may be damaging. It tends to blind us to the incoming call of the unknown other, for example. And we miss that something more. We’re too busy. We don’t like surprises, and we end up surprised that we’re alone.

#2. “People talk, it dont mean nothing.” -Fulton Reed (The Mighty Ducks) This kid’s a genius. We keep saying a bunch of stuff.  Claiming our beliefs  (or lack thereof), but how often do we act contrarily to our claims? You claim to love kids, but buys cheap shirts made  in nasty child factories.  You love animals,  mostly dead though. And i hate pollution but keep cruising around in my car. Talk is often cheap. Do something.

And as always,  love and peace

Cheers to the weekend